Timetables and line network

For an optimal overview, you will find the various line network maps within the Tuttlingen district as well as those of the cooperating neighboring associations (3er, VHB) below. Below are the PDF timetables for all lines. All plans are available for download and printing.

Network maps show the course of bus and train lines and offer an overview of which lines run through certain locations and which routes the individual lines serve.

The new lines follow a simple system: regional main lines have 3 digits with a "0" at the end, such as line 110. These main lines sometimes have sub-lines, such as line 112 for school transport. On these sublines there are additional journeys on a similar route that can be used by everyone. In addition - as in the district timetable - there is an overview of the buses running between Tuttlingen, train station and Tuttlingen, central bus station / city center.

The stop plans at central stops provide an overview of which line departs from which bus platform.

The exact journey times and stops of each line can be found in the respective timetable with the corresponding line number. You can use the selection field to display all city bus, regional bus routes and train traffic. In addition, the search function enables you to filter for certain locations within the Tuttlingen district and partly beyond. As a result, you will receive the timetables of all lines that serve this location.

Please note the information on setting up a timetable (link). In every timetable, there is information on the individual journeys in the top line, which is explained in the footer. Connections or onward journeys in the same vehicle are shown with a gray background. The offers an overview of which days are used according to the school day and holiday calendar.

Line network Tuttlingen city

Here you will find an overview of all lines of the Tuttlingen city bus as a PDF.

Line network / tariff zone map of the district of Tuttlingen

Here you will find all lines of the Tuttlingen district and their tariff zones in PDF format.

Line network / tariff zone map 3er (TUTicket, VVR, VSB)

Here you will find an overview of all lines of the 3er association Ringzug as PDF.

Line network / tariff zone plan VHB - TUTicket

Here you will find all lines and tariff zones of the VHB Verkehrsverbund Hegau-Bodensee in PDF.

Overview of all timetables and network maps

Stadtrunde Trossingen
Stadtbahnhof - Hauptstraße - Hangenstraße - Schulzentrum - Theodor-Heuss-Straße - Andreas-Koch-Straße - Schwabenpark - Stadtbahnhof  Linie 115 - Stadtrunde Trossingen
Naturpark-Express Sigmaringen - Tuttlingen - Immendingen - Blumberg über Beuron - Fridingen - Mühlheim - Geisingen Naturpark-Express

Ticket overview

Regardless of whether you are young or old, alone or in a group, for business or pleasure - the TUTicket transport association offers you the right ticket. On the following pages you will find detailed information on all ticket and tariff offers, from single tickets to AboCard.
Please note that it is currently not possible to buy tickets online.