• Help and FAQ

    • Where can I purchase which ticket?

      You can find a detailed list here (more…) Please read our fare conditions and conditions of carriage.

    • How do I calculate my fare?

      You can find information on all fares here (more…)
      More information on the various tickets  (more…)

    • Have you lost something?

      Have you lost something on the bus?

      Please contact the respective bus company.

      Have you lost something on the train?

      • For property lost on the circular trains, please contact the SWEG Südwestdeutsche Landesverkehrs-AG train company:
        SWEG – Ringzug
        Güterbahnhofstraße 8
        78194 Immendingen
        : +49 (0) 7462 2042 10
        email: ringzug@sweg.de
      • For property lost on DB Regio AG trains or in Deutsche Bahn (German rail operator) Station & Service areas, please contact the local service representative, phone the Deutsche Bahn Lost & Found hotline (+49 (0) 9001 9905 99 (€ 0.59 per min. from German landlines, calls from mobile phones may vary), Monday to Saturday 8:00am – 8:00pm, Sunday 10:00am – 8:00pm, or use the DB Lost & Found contact form.

      The respective company may charge a fee for the safekeeping and return of found items.

    • Where can I find timetable informaiton?

      Timetable information can be found on the timetables page. Use the search box on the right-hand side.

    • What do the abbreviations and symbols on the timetable mean (service restrictions)?
      • Nothing = Bus runs Mon – Fri on both school days and school holidays
      • S = Bus runs Mon – Fri on school days
      • F = Bus runs Mon – Fri on school holidays
      • e = Bus runs Fri on school days
      • d = Bus runs Thurs on school days
      • k = Bus runs Mon, Tues and Thurs on school days
      • U = Bus runs Mon – Thurs on school days
      • 44 = Bus does not run on 24 and 31 December
      • 26 = Taxi-minibus
      • 99 = Naturpark-Express (NPE) (from May to October only = 77)
      • 217 = Ring 45 min. in advance for shared taxi service
      • 114 = Bicycles prohibited on trains on school days
      • Train symbol = Deutsche Bahn train or circular train
    • How do I know when the school days and school holidays according to which the bus runs are?

      You can find the school holidays for the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg in the calendar on page 10 of the local timetable or this document

      Verkehrstagekalender 2018 (712 downloads)
    • Where do I submit fare refund applications for schoolchildren?

      Proof of the fares paid must be submitted to the respective school sponsor. Your first point of contact is the relevant school. Only the cheapest available ticket will be refunded.

    • How does the additional off-peak passenger scheme work?

      How many people can I take with me, from what time and to which destinations?

      AboCard (Annual Travel Pass)
      (Erwachsene (Adult) / Senior (Senior) / Übertragbar (Transferable) / Schnupper (Trial)
      The AboCard (Annual Travel Pass) is also valid all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays for local transport throughout the Tuttlingen (TUTicket / Verkehrsverbund Tuttlingen), Rottweil (VVR) and Schwarzwald-Baar (VSB) district networks. Up to 5 persons (of which a maximum of one person may be under 15 years of age) may travel with the holder at no extra cost. One dog may accompany the holder instead of one child. Also valid for one adult and all the holder’s children/grandchildren under 15 years of age.

      The AboCard Senior is also valid Mo-Thurs after 9 a.m. throughout the Tuttlingen (TUTicket) district network.

      Schüler/Azubi AboCard (School Student / Apprentice Annual Travel Pass) / KidCard (Junior Monthly Travel Card) and Schülermonatskarten (School Student Monthly Travel Cards)
      On school days from 2:00pm, as well as on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and holidays for the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg for local transport throughout the Tuttlingen (TUTicket / Verkehrsverbund Tuttlingen), Rottweil (VVR), Schwarzwald-Baar (VSB) and Konstanz (VHB) district networks.

      MonatsCard (Monthly Travel Card)
      Adult Monthly Travel Cards are valid on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays within the specified zones. They are also valid for an additional adult and up to four children or all the holder’s children under 15 years of age. One dog may accompany the holder instead of one child.

    • Customers can refer other customers

      Existing holders of an AboCard (Annual Travel Pass) have the opportunity to refer other customers for a SchnupperAbo (Trial Annual Travel Pass) (please enter details in the Trial Annual Travel Pass application form). The referrer will receive a free month on his/her Annual Travel Pass once the holder of the Trial Annual Travel Pass has taken advantage of the offer for 3 months. A Trial Annual Travel Pass is available to anyone who has not held an AboCard (Annual Travel Pass) within the past 12 months.

    • What happens if I forget my ticket?

      According to TUTicket / Verkehrsverbund Tuttlingen’s conditions of carriage, all passengers are obliged to carry a valid ticket at all times when travelling by public transport.

      If the passenger has forgotten his/her travel card or pass, he/she should purchase an EinzelTicket (Single Ticket) or a TagesTicket (Day Ticket).

      If the passenger does not purchase a ticket and is subjected to a ticket inspection, an increased fare of € 60.00 is payable.
      The increased fare will be reduced to € 7.00 if within one week of the inspection the passenger is able to provide proof that he/she was in possession of a valid non-transferable travel card/pass or authorisation at the time of the inspection. This proof should be presented to the ticket office of the transport company to which the passenger has paid or is obliged to pay the fare.

      If this reduction of the increased fee is not paid despite proof of a valid non-transferable travel card/pass within this period, the company retains the right charge the increased fee.

    • Do I need a ticket for my bicycle?

      There is no fundamental entitlement to carriage of bicycles on trains or buses.
      Bicycles are only permitted if the technical equipment and the capacity of the vehicle permit.
      This decision lies with the driver and/or the train crew.

      It is possible to travel with a bicycle on the Ringzug (circular train) from Monday to Friday from 9:00am and on weekends and bank holidays all day free of charge.
      Before 9:00am from Monday to Friday passengers require a FahrradTicket (Bicycle Ticket) (price: € 4.00).
      Please note that on weekdays it may not be possible to travel with a bicycle on the ring train. Please refer to the corresponding timetables note.

      On the Naturpark-Express (Beuron- Tuttlingen – Immendingen – Blumberg) train, each passengers can take one bicycle with him/her for free, if the capacity allows.

      On DB AG trains (IRE, RE and RB) within the Verkehrsverbund Tuttlingen district network, passengers always require a FahrradTicket (Bicycle Ticket) (price € 4.00). Travelling with a bicycle is only possible if capacity allows. Above all on the InterCity Trains between Stuttgart and Singen a reservation for bicycles is necessary, which costs € 4.50 at the moment.

      For reasons of capacity it is generally not possible to travel with bicycles on buses.
      If there is capacity and the driver gives his permission, travelling by bus with a bicycle is possible with a FahrradTicket (Bicycle Ticket) (price: € 4.00).

    • Does my dog need a ticket?

      Dogs require a valid Child EinzelTicket (Single Ticket) or an Adult ZeitCard (Travel Card).

      Guide dogs accompanying blind persons and small dogs that fit into a carrier may travel free of charge.

    • What does a group have to do in order to receive a discount on local public transport?

      Groups (min. 10 persons) must register with the website of TUTicket / Verkehrsverbund Tuttlingen at least 5 working days before departure – by journeys or journey segments on the rail 10 working days before journey. TUTicket requires the precise travel times and the number of persons in the group. TUTicket will forward your registration to the associated company and send you the tickets and an invoice. However, many tickets can also be purchased on the bus or at ticket machines.
      Please note that group journeys are not possible at all times due to reasons of capacity. If possible, please avoid travelling at times when children are travelling to and from school.

    • What should I do if I lose my ticket?

      No records are kept for ZeitCards (Travel Cards), which can be purchased at ticket machines, on the bus or over the counter, and therefore cannot be replaced.

      However, records are kept for AboCards (Annual Travel Passes) and KidCards (Junior Monthly Travel Cards) via the monthly direct debit method. In both cases it is possible to obtain a replacement card for € 10.00 unrepeatable. Only difference is that an ErsatzKidCard (Replacement Child Monthly Travel Card) can only be obtained with the relevant application form and a stamp from the respective school, while an ErsatzAboCard (Replacement Annual Travel Pass) can be applied for directly at our Customer Centre.
      Please note that Transferable Annual Travel Passes cannot be replaced.

    • When will I receive the AboCard (Annual Travel Pass) or extension pass I have applied for?

      The AboCard (Annual Travel Pass) must be requested no later than the 10th of the month before you wish the pass to be valid and will be sent to you by post shortly before the start date. Example: If you order an Annual Travel Pass for May you will receive it in the last week of April.

      You will receive your extension pass in the month that your Annual Travel Pass expires (usually in the middle of the month). Example: If your Annual Travel Pass expires at the end of May you will receive your extension pass by the middle of May, or possibly a few days later.

    • What should I do if I no longer need my AboCard (Annual Travel Pass) or KidCard (Junior Monthly Travel Card)?

      To cancel an Annual Travel Pass you must give the TUTicket Customer Centre one month’s written notice by the 1st of the month. The address is: TUTicket KundenCenter, Bahnhofstraße 100, 78532 Tuttlingen.


      Cancellation notice given:             19. Mai
      Cancellation notice given:             30. Juni

      The cancelled Annual Travel Pass must be returned to TUTicket / Verkehrsverbund Tuttlingen no later than the 5th of the following month. If the card is not returned, the full monthly premium will continue to be charged.


      Cancellation on                                 30. Juni
      Travel pass to be returned by       5 July (at the latest)

      The travel pass may be cancelled within 12 months with backpayment up to the amount of a MonatsCard (Monthly Travel Card) for each month it has been used. Please note that when cancelling an AboCard (Annual Travel Pass) that began as a SchnupperAbo (Trial Annual Travel Pass), backpayment is applicable from valid start date for the travel pass.

      To stop a direct debit for a KidCard (Junior Monthly Travel Card), all you have to do is return the travel card to us. Please return the travel card to the school before the valid state date of the period you wish to cancel. Please note that you will not be able to return the travel card during school holidays, as the secretary’s office will be closed.

    Help and FAQ: VHB/TUTicket

    • Why is the Combi-Ticket VHB/TUTicket being introduced?

      The recognition of the validity of commutation tickets of the transport association Hegau-Bodensee (VHB) and day tickets to Tuttlingen or Immendingen was no longer possible.

      However, the transport associations TUTicket and VHB developed a cooperation fare in order to provide the users with an attractive offer compared to the simple DB fare.

      The cooperation offer provides the user with greater mobility and flexibility.

    • Which area does the common fare TUTicket/VHB cover?

      The common fare TUTicket/VHB shall apply for the administrative districts of Tuttlingen and Konstanz. You will find further information on this in the VHB/TUTicket zone plan.

      Tarifzonenplan VHB/TUTicket (1904 downloads)
    • What are the advantages of the Combi-Ticket VHB/TUTicket?

      The whole territory of both associations becomes accessible with the tickets for the common fare and these tickets shall apply for all transport companies of both associations.

      This allows you to use buses and trains with just one ticket.

      DB trains which are subject to a surcharge (IC and ICE) are excluded. Since december 2017 it is possible to travel with a ticket for local public Transport with the InterCity between Stuttgart and Singen, as far as the ticket contains the range of validity.

    • Which tickets are available as a Combi-Ticket?
      • Single ticket child/adult
      • Day ticket single
      • Monthly ticket
      • Monthly ticket in the student transport and
      • AboTickets (only for adults)
    • Is the day ticket available for more than one person?

      No – a corresponding offer could not compete with the very reasonably priced Baden-Württemberg-Ticket.

    • I already have a monthly ticket/AboCard for TUTicket/3-er Tarif. Which ticket can I use to go the administrative district of Konstanz every once in a while?

      All customers may combine their commutation tickets for the TUTicket/3-er Tarif with a VHB ticket. This generally requires that the selected zones are adjacent according to the VHB/TUTicket zone plan.

    • Where are the Combi-Tickets available?

      In the TUTicket area the Combi-Tickets are available in all buses, at all ticket vending machines at the stations of the Ringzug, in the TUTicket customer centre, and at the distribution points of DB (machines and travel centres). In the area of the VHB the tickets are also available via the company Schmidbauer and in the customer centre of the SBG SüdbadenBus GmbH. In the buses of the SBG the continuous sale is possible as of the start of 2015; in the buses of the DBZugBus Regionalverkehr Alb-Bodensee GmbH (RAB) only the day ticket is available.

      You can get the TUTicket/VHB AboCard by ordering it in the TUTicket customer centre or in the offices of VHB. You can find the application for subscription at www.tuticket.de or www.vhb-info.de.

    • I have a TUTicket StudentenCard/ 3er-StudentenCard and I want to combine it with a StudiTicket of the VHB - is this possible?

      The StudiTicket of the VHB is an offer in accordance with the so-called model of solidarity pursuant to which all student of the institutions of higher education in Konstanz pay a contribution irrespective of whether they actually buy a ticket. Students from the administrative district of Tuttlingen do not pay a solidarity contribution and therefore they are not allowed to buy the VHB-StudiTicket. However, the TUTicket-StudentenCard can be combined with a school student ticket at the VHB fare.

      Similarly, the VHB-Studi-Ticket can be combined with tickets at the TUTicket fare. Holders of a VHB-Studi-Ticket may buy the TUTicket-StudentenCard – which is directly available in the offices of TUTicket.


    • How do the regulations on who you can take with you and off-peak times work for the Combi-Ticket?

      For monthly tickets and AboTickets the regulations on who you can take with you, which are valid in the area of the respective association, shall apply. Furthermore, for AboTickets issued by the offices of TUTicket the weekend regulations according to the TUTicket fare shall apply (for the administrative districts of Tuttlingen, Rottweil, and Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis) insofar as the residence of the ticket holder is in the administrative district of Tuttlingen.

      For further information, please contact the TUTicket customer centre under 07461/926-3500.