• TagesTicket Single (Solo Day Ticket)

    fare zone price
    Price-Level 1  1 fare zone 3,80 €
    Price-Level 2  2 fare zones 4,60 €
    Price-Level 3  3 fare zones 6,50 €
    Price-Level 4  more than 4 fare zones 8,00 €

    You can find the tariff zone plan of TUTicket here. For tickets in the 3-district fare – TUTicket (Tuttlingen), VVR (Rottweil) and VSB (Schwarzwald-Baar) – as well as the VHB-TUTicket- sowie den VHB-TUTicket-tariff there are different prices. Please use the rate calculator.


    • The TagesTicketSingle (Solo Day Ticket) is valid for one person.
    • It is valid on buses and trains once services begin and
    • is valid for unlimited travel all day within the selected zones.