• StudentCard (Student Semester Card)

    Student Semester Card Price
    TUTicket           Zone 11-19 131,20 € (totally)
    combination  2 districts (TUT + VS/RW) 240,00 € (totally)
    combination  3 districts (TUT + VS + RW) 328,00 € (totally)

    You can find the tariff zone plan of TUTicket and the 3-district fare (RW, VS, TUT) here.

    Liniennetz-/Tarifzonenplan TUTicket (6877 downloads) Tarifzonenplan 3er (1685 downloads)


    • 6 months for the price of 2,5 Monthly Travel Cards Student/Apprentice.
    • The StudentenCard (Student Semester Card) is valid for six consecutive months per semester: Summer Semester (1 March to 31 Aug); Winter Semester (1 Sept to 28/29 Feb).
    • Divergent start and finish dates are not permitted.
    • Holders of a Student Semester Card may travel from Monday to Friday from 2:00pm, as well as all day on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and holidays for the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg at no additional cost throughout the Tuttlingen (TUTicket / Verkehrsverbund Tuttlingen), Rottweil (VVR) and Schwarzwald-Baar (VSB) district Networks.
    • To purchase a Student Semester Card, you must present a passport photograph and a valid certificate of matriculation.
    • The StudentenCard (Student Semester Card) is valid for unlimited travel in the registered district(s) (Tuttlingen (zones 11-18)/ Rottweil (zones 20-27)/ Schwarzwald-Baar (zones 1-10)).

    How to apply

    Applications for the StudentenCard (Student Semester Card) (together with a passport photograph and certificate of matriculation) can be handed in to the TUTicket Customer Centre (TUTicket KundenCenter, Verkehrsverbund Tuttlingen, Bahnhofstraße 100, 78532 Tuttlingen) or the Citizens’ Advice Centre in Trossingen (Bürgerbüro Trossingen, Schultheiß-Koch-Platz 1, 78647 Trossingen). At the TUTicket Customer Centre, you will receive the Student Semester Card immediately upon payment of the total price for one semester. If you order and pay at the Citizens’ Advice Centre in Trossingen, the Student Semester Card will be sent to you by post. You can download the application form here.

    StudentenCard (918 downloads)