• JobCard Erwachsener/Azubi

    The JobCard is a discounted AboCard for all, whose employer has closed a contract with TUTicket. There are JobCards for adults and for Trainees. The discount compared to the regular AboCard is 5% plus at least 10 more euros from your employer.

    Tariff valid from 01.08.2018

     Zone Monthly Rate
    Trainee Adult
    Price-Level A 1-2 fare Zone(s) 15,90 € 24,60 €
    Price-Level B 3 fare zones 26,10 € 38,20 €
    Price-Level C more than 4 fare zones 35,80 € 51,00 €

    You can find the tariff zone plan of TUTicket here.

    Liniennetz-/Tarifzonenplan TUTicket



    • The JobCard is a yearly subscription, where the employer pays a monthly benefit. The monthly benefit rate can be choosen, but has to be at least 10 euros.
    • For this offer at least 10 JobCards per company/organisation are required.
    • You drive 12 month and pay only for 10 month.
    • The JobCard may be cancelled at any time. Dependent on the time of cancellation and the duration oft the JobCard the JobCard owner must pay an additional charge:
      For cancellations within 12 month, there has to be paid an additional charge up to the amount of a MonatsCard (Monthly Travel Card) for each month, the JobCard has been used. Cancellations after 12 month are possible without paying an additional charge.
    • The JobCard ist valid for unlimited travel in the registered tariff zones.
    • The monthly costs will be cleared with your salary statement.
    • The JobCard is valid all Trains and buses in the Tuttlingen district (3-district circular train, Deutsche Bahn trains, regional buses and City buses) for 12 consecutive calendar month.
    • The JobCard for adults is also valid all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays for local transport throughout the Tuttlingen (TUTicket / Verkehrsverbund Tuttlingen), Rottweil (VVR) and Schwarzwald-Baar (VSB) district networks. Another adult and up to 4 children or all the holder’s children/grandchildren under the age of 15 years may travel with the holder at no extra cost.
    • The JobCard for Trainees is valid on school days from 2:00pm, as well as on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and holidays for the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg for local transport throughout the Tuttlingen (TUTicket / Verkehrsverbund Tuttlingen), Rottweil (VVR), Schwarzwald-Baar (VSB) and Konstanz (VHB) district networks.
    • Trainees have to identify (purchase and travel) with an authorization proof (for example a certificate of training).
    • You can order a replacement Card after loss of the original JobCard one a year (costs: 10 euros)


    You can order the JobCard at the HR departement of your company. The application form can be downloaded on the TUTicket Website. We will be happy to send you the application form. You will need a passport photograph for the application. Please print out the application form in duplicate. Please keep one copy for your records and give the other to your HR departement no later than the 5th of the month before you wish the pass to be valid. They will confirm your company affiliation and afterwards will send the application form to the TUTicket customer center. We will send you your ticket in time.

    Advantages for companies

    • improved parking Situation and less parking space to provide
    • reduced risk of accidents for your employees
    • Increasing attractiveness  as employer for applicants
    • higher employee motivation and  contentment
    • stress-free ride for your employees
    • Support of environmentally friendly mobility and increasing of  site quality

    Advantages for employees

    • highest possible discount
    • discounted annual travel pass for all trains and busses in the registered zones
    • individual selectable validity range
    • predictable, fix costs and clearing with your wage
    • stress-free commuting between work and home
    • your contribution for climate and environmental protection
    • possibility to carry further persons with you for free on week-ends and public Holidays and extended validity range
    • Use of your JobCard also in your leisure time

    If you have any questions, please contact send us an email (info@tuticket.de) or call us at the number 07461 926 3500.