• Single Ticket

    fare zone child adult
    Price-Level 1           1 fare Zone 1,30 € 2,00 €
    Price-Level 2          2 fare zones 1,40 € 2,40 €
    Price-Level 3          3 fare zones 1,80 € 3,40 €
    Price-Level 4    more than 4 fare zones 2,40 € 4,50 €

    You can find the tariff zone plan of TUTicket here. For tickets in the 3-district fare – TUTicket (Tuttlingen), VVR (Rottweil) and VSB (Schwarzwald-Baar) – as well as the VHB-TUTicket- sowie den VHB-TUTicket-tariff there are different prices. Please use the rate calculator.

    Liniennetz-/Tarifzonenplan TUTicket



    At TUTicket, solo travellers have a choice of two tickets: an EinzelTicket (Single Ticket) or a TagesTicketSingle (Solo Day Ticket). An EinzelTicket (Single Ticket) entitles one person to a one-way journey. This ticket can be used for journeys using buses and/or trains, providing the selected connection is direct. The ticket price is determined by the number of fare zones you travel through. The start and end zones are also included. You can save money by starting or ending your journey on a zone boundary: this means you only pay for the zones you have travelled in. If you are planning several trips in the TUTicket area over the course of a single day, it’s worth purchasing the TagesTicketSingle (Solo Day Ticket). It makes sense!



    • Children under 6 years of age travel free when accompanied by an adult. Children under 15 years of age travel at a reduced price.
    • The ticket is valid for one journey and is non-transferable.
    • The ticket is valid for any changes necessary, providing the selected connection is direct.