• AboCard Erwachsener (Annual Travel Pass Adult)

     Zone Monthly debit rate
    Pupil Adult Transferable Senior
    Price-Level A 1-2 fare Zone(s) 27,30 € 36,40 € 41,40 € 29,10 €*
    Price-Level B 3 fare zones 38,00 € 50,70 € 55,70 €
    Price-Level C more than 4 fare zones 48,20 € 64,20 € 69,20 €

    * Bonus-Scheme: The AboCard Senior is valid monday to friday from 9 a.m. in the whole district Tuttlingen (Landkreis Tuttlingen).

    You can find the tariff zone plan of TUTicket here.

    Liniennetz-/Tarifzonenplan TUTicket (6877 downloads)

    For tickets in the 3-district fare – TUTicket (Tuttlingen), VVR (Rottweil) and VSB (Schwarzwald-Baar) – as well as the VHB-TUTicket- sowie den VHB-TUTicket-tariff there are different prices. Please use the rate calculator.


    • Sie fahren 12 Monate und bezahlen nur 10 Monate.
    • 12 months for the price of 10.
    • May be cancelled at any time.
      • May be cancelled within 12 months with backpayment up to the amount of a MonatsCard (Monthly Travel Card) for each month it has been used.
      • May be cancelled without backpayment after 12 months.
    • The AboCard (Annual Travel Pass) is valid for unlimited travel in the registered zones.
    • Convenient monthly direct debit payment.
    • The Annual Travel Pass is valid for all trains and buses in the Tuttlingen district (3-district circular train, Deutsche Bahn trains, regional buses and city buses) for 12 consecutive calendar months.
    • You can purchase a transferable Annual Travel Pass at an extra charge.
    • The Adult Annual Travel Pass is also valid all day on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays for local transport throughout the Tuttlingen (TUTicket / Verkehrsverbund Tuttlingen), Rottweil (VVR) and Schwarzwald-Baar (VSB) district networks. Another adult and up to 4 children or all the holder’s children/grandchildren under 15 years of age may travel with the holder at no extra cost. One dog may accompany the holder instead of one child.

    How to apply

    You can order the AboCard (Annual Travel Pass) at the TUTicket / Verkehrsverbund Tuttlingen office. You can download the application form here. Otherwise we will be happy to send you the application form. You will need a passport photograph for the application. Please print out the application form in duplicate. Please keep one copy for your records and send the other to the TUTicket office no later than the 10th of the month before you wish the pass to be valid. The address is: Verkehrsverbund Tuttlingen, Bahnhofstraße 100, 78532 Tuttlingen. We will send you your ticket in good time.

    Verbundgeschäftsstelle TUTicket
    Bahnhofstraße 100
    78532 Tuttlingen

    AboCard Erwachsener (1397 downloads)